Advantages of building with Precast Concrete Panels

When a business has decided to expand or build a new facility, the type of building is the first consideration. Will it be pre-engineered steel, concrete block, or precast concrete panels? While any of these are a good choice, precast concrete panel construction yields some great benefits.

 ·   Quality & Precision…. The industrial production of precast concrete elements in a enclosed factory ensures highest precision and consistent quality.

 ·   Efficient Installation…. Precast concrete offers an efficient delivery model for your project.

 ·   Precision & Detail…. Precision molds create highly detailed precast concrete panels. There are many architectural designs that are available, allowing the architect to create a visually interesting exterior. Precast concrete can be stained or painted.

 ·   Reduced Costs.... Precast concrete products are manufactured off-site, in a covered environment and are delivered ready to install when needed. This process compresses project schedules, reduces site disruption and reduces overall project costs by requiring fewer trades for construction and fewer people on site.

  ·   Environment Resistant.... Precast concrete structures provide superior resistance to rain, wind damage and decay, providing lower maintenance and insurance costs.

 ·   Health…. A structures building materials are very important when it comes to the health and comfort. Precast concrete does not off gas hazardous substances whether wet or dry, providing better indoor air quality.

  ·   Thermally Efficient.... Costs associated with heating and cooling are greatly reduced through concrete’s thermal mass benefits. For example, a FABCON PRECAST® VersaCore+Green panel delivers R-values ranging from a LEED-friendly R-13.6 in an 8-inch thick panel up to R-20.2 in a 12-inch thick panel

 ·   Fire Resistant…. In most cases, concrete does not require any additional fire-protection because of its built-in resistance to fire.

 ·   Superior Durability…. Superior resistance to impact, soil, mold and mildew.

 ·   Low Maintenance.... The exterior of precast concrete panels can be left unpainted without damage from the elements.

 ·   Noise Reduction.... Because of the density of concrete, precast buildings absorb sound and provide outstanding acoustic insulation and isolation.

 ·   Wi-Fi Compatible…. Offices are increasingly wired for information technology, precast buildings do not interfere with radio signals, local Wi-Fi or internet networks.

 ·   Security…. Precast Concrete exteriors are more secure than steel.