Should we build or remodel?


While this decision can sometimes be difficult to answer, we work with you to help determine what will be best in your situation. There are many variables to consider, but Majority Builders will work with you to better identify and understand your needs and decision.

Remodels can often be identified as a great option and alternative to the building from the ground up option. Our remodel projects, can be a combination of our design build and general construction process. It very much contains the element of our design/build service model. If the project size requires the extended involvement the process of both our remodel service and our design/build service flow seamlessly together, maintaining the same involvement and convenience. Again we will work with you throughout the process to help your remodeled and growth plans align strongly with your mission and vision.

Additions/ Renovations

Rather than completely tearing down an existing facility that you know and love, it may be more prudent for you to alter, expand, or enhance your existing building with our addition/ renovation services. Our renovation and remodel projects take on the same processes as our general construction services, utilizing the expertise of our team to not only envision a new space, but how that will flow with our clients existing space. It is our goal to not interrupt your day-to-day business, and to be as seamless as possible as we make the client’s desired renovations. We consider how these additions will be used, what they are needed for, and how best the old space can be reimagined and reconfigured to fit with a new vision.  Our architect and engineers will work with your team to incorporate existing structures into the new, and upgraded facility you envision. 

South Bend Civic Theatre
American Trust Place
Lerner Theatre